I’m back. I was bored and I couldn’t find a good book to read, so I ended up reading all my blog posts! And then I decided to write a random post. It’s fun being random. You are not restricted to any topic and you can go around talking about anything that pops into your head. And Barbie stabbing Batman? That would be the dream of every girl, and then there would be the time when boys would start sticking Barbie posters across their walls. But that seems to be as far as the stars! People these days need to get creative.
Anyway right now I’m thinking about my life through the 14 years.( First I was an infant and then I grew up and now finally, I became what I am!)
Alright, it’s perfectly fine to say nonsense. I remembered something!! I have a brother who is 2 years old. (No, I didn’t forget about my brother, I remembered what I am going to say now.) He is witty and fun. He started learning to express himself, and when he wanted to use numbers and didn’t know them, he often said,”One, one more, one more”- which would be his 3!(He reminded me how to add, like anybody had allowed me to get that out of my life!😒) And then there was this time when he learnt about trains and planes.  To make him feed, I had to turn and curve and direct the “plane” into his mouth. And then he would not eat the food unless it came racing as a “train”😂. That’s how learning could be harmful. Okay, new topic alert. Anyone wants to know my favorite place? (Even if no one does, I’m saying) And it looks like even the uninterested are still reading. So, I like bathrooms; long mirrors where I stand for hours and sing my heart out, under showers, where I dance and jump and of course it’s the perfect place to get the privacy of doing all mad things. When Mom gets mad at me for anything, I sneak into the bathroom and sit there until she forgets about being angry.
And NO LAUGHING. I have all the liberty to embrace my innocence. I used to sneak into our garden then, and used to feast on the mud and ants. I realise I have more RANDOM things to write than anything.
And stop there in your busy lives to remember those moments which are more valuable than any of those things you might be doing. Okay now I have to go and see if Barbie made any success in murdering Batman, so till my next post, bye!!