Summers bring to my mind images of beaches and cricket games. And endless ice cream buckets. But monsoons, on the contrary, are serene and quiet. They are all about sitting by the window with a novel and a cup of steaming hot chocolate. And lazing around in the cozy weather.
For me, it had always been the excitement of holding my new umbrella and jumping in the water puddles with my polished school shoes. Everyone enjoyed monsoons differently. My grandmother would sit on her rocking chair, knitting a sweater, and remembering her childhood in the rains. And my parents would go for a walk, maybe, to recollect on all the memories they shared. Of love. Of rain.
In Kerala, the monsoons usually stay around for close to a few months. It rains cats and dogs. I remember then, when I found thundering more exciting, learning to make paper boats and laughing with ecstasy on seeing it cut through its tiny storm.  And feeling the rain.
When I was around six, we had an activity at school where they made us dance in the rain. I can never forget how beautiful that looked. We jumped and hopped around the little puddles and when it began to rain heavier, we quietly crawled into the umbrellas. That sight of hundreds of umbrellas and thousands of smiles…those memories can never be washed away with rain. And with the ticking of the clock.
Few of the most gorgeous things about monsoons are the sky covered in gray clouds, the freshness in the air after the rains, the pitter-patter of the rain drops and the fragrance of earth wafting through the cool air. Petrichor. Not to be missed. After the boiling months of summers, a walk in the rain is just what the doctor ordered!