When I started my blog, I was committed on updating my posts weekly. But here I am now, one post in a month. I’m extremely sorry about that. I couldn’t resist myself from getting distracted during vacations. Who doesn’t feel lazy and tired? (Tired, that’s just some exaggeration. I don’t think sleeping the whole day sounds very tiring. Or lazily tossing channels on the television.)

So today, to cover up for all my late posts, I bring something new from the chefs of South India…their fingerlicking delicacies! (This is getting really dramatic😛)

Recently I was walking across a food market, trying immensely hard to suppress my urge of jumping into a restaurant and having a luxurious meal. Mom’s angry face stopped me from committing the indiscretion. But through a series of helpless circumstances, I ended up home with a full tummy.

Everything was perfect. I knew I had to ignore the shops filled all around the market. I kept walking. And then I saw it…it looked so delicious…something entirely new! I raced for the sole empty table and forgot about Mom….

It was paniyaram. Ever heard of it?

Masala Paniyarams are spiced dumplings made from left over idli batter. Paniyarams can be made plain, spiced or sweet. They are crisp from out and soft from within. They are widely chosen for breakfasts in South India.

Okay, I found that description from Internet. So I’m sure you would like to hear the one I invented.😂

The easiest medicine to a happy day is a bite into the crunchy soft paniyarams. And forgetting about Moms.😜 (Well, no offence)

And I got an incredible idea to promote South Indian dishes. I know, I’m bad at advertising but take it as my failed attempt. So now I leave you for hunting paniyarams. *Eat at your own risk. Injurious for the health conscious minds.* Happy eating 😊.

2015-11-04 20.16.32
I tried cooking. If you must be wondering whether I burnt them or ended up having them uncooked, you’re not always right. It was quite good. Though not as good as those….