“Is this a speed breaker or a back breaker?” We laughed as we raced on cycles across the narrow dusty lanes of a village in Rajasthan; in the midst of dunes and barren lands.
Rajasthan was a golden memory; laughing by the tiny hundreds of temples built  around and between the women in sarees, holding water pots.

And my experience would have been incomplete without the fun I had with my cousins. The little fights and the sweet moments, they are engraved in our memories forever. The races we had up and down Aravali hills and our combination of tea and ice cream😂. I know, disgusting. Nothing could challenge the joy in standing under the scorching sun and having pani puri competitions in roadside stalls.
Sometimes it’s better to eat food cooked on cow dung until your stomach groans. That can be best enjoyed in the local dhabas of villages.

Huge cows and camels walk through the heat and sands of the state. Pigs are little irritating creatures. They live inside the drains and feed on the excreta of other animals. I had cute images of pigs in pink in my mind until I actually saw one. All I can blame for that is my girly childhood toy.

The state sparks with the pride of being home to thousands of peacocks. Their beauty and elegance narrate the stories of the state’s past. History is always cherished. 

And such lovely experiences shouldn’t be missed in life. The liveliness of jaipur in contrast with the solemn village life. I hope I get another chance to walk through the desert under the stinging sun. Sometimes it’s more fun to do things out of the usual.