The city of Chennai, engulfed by continuous rains, suffers its worst climate in a century. People are stranded in the waters, left at the mercy of God. It will take the city a long time to get back to their normal lives.

And here I am going to share about this one person who inspired me to face the difficulty instead of crouching in the shadows. The floods took everything from him. The courage with which he accepted his challenges amused me.

Man: My house has drowned under water and I am sitting on the terrace with my family. My cars have submerged under the torrents. We are waiting for NDRF to rescue us.

Speaker: Sorry to hear about your loss. The news shows a strange Chennai, one that I have never seen through my life.

Man: Search the news…if you can see my Audi A6 floating away somewhere.

Speaker: Oh dear, I really care about the A6 😈

Man: Though my house is completely destroyed, I am happy that I still have my family, a clean underwear and my sense of humour.

Speaker: Now that is a way of looking at things😊

Man: If I think of my loss, I would go under depression…A greater one than what Chennai is facing.

Now that is a person who managed to crawl out from the world of tears; a person who managed tears in my eyes. Tears out of respect. Respect, more than anyone can imagine.

There is still hope. A ray of light piercing through the darkness of their lives. There is always a second chance to start again. All over again 😏