Have you ever wondered meeting yourself from a parallel world?
One of the most challenging questions since quantum theory was invented is how we can get an interference pattern when a single photon is passed through Young’s double split experiment.
In the 1950s, Hugh Everett came up with an absurd idea that lived among physicists. He believed that new worlds are created everytime a quantum particle faces a choice. Who can stomach the notion that just looking at heavens forces a new universe into existence?
Strange as it seems, it actually offers a reasonable solution to the strangeness of the quantum world.
I came across a wonderful book “The Big Questions” written by Michael Brooks and this an extract from it-” In Everett’s many worlds interpretation, the electron doesn’t form a superposition state when faced with a choice of two slits, but splits the world into two. In one world, it goes through the left slit. In the other world, it goes through the right hand one. Though we have no consciousness of the different worlds, quantum particles such as electrons feel their influence from across the divide. The pattern we see results from interference between electrons in different worlds. In this view, what we think of as reality is just one of an infinite number of realities, each one slightly different from the next. And each one will contain a version of you…. Not that you two could ever meet. When a new universe pinches off, contact is lost forever. You are trapped in your own space and time; your twin is in a separate and unreachable sphere.”

But let us pray that science reaches a level so high that we can find ourselves and solve the mysteries revolving around us.