I woke up happy and bright on 1st October, my mind cluttered with blurry ideas. That was normal. My sister’s birthday was just twenty two days ahead and this year I was firm on giving her a surprise party.
I picked up enough courage and asked her some random questions. I wandered around and finally asked her to choose her friends, those who she would have invited if she were to host a party. She gave me a long list of names and I am surprised I survived through that!😮 She then fired on me a question I wasn’t really prepared for. She asked me why I wanted to know all of that. I tried to suppress my urge to tell her but honesty took over me and I blurted out that it was October once again. She giggled and said that it was just another year of my stories!😂

I took that as a challenge…I lived through endless weeks of planning,sleepless nights and a lot of swinging up and down. The truth was always in front of my eyes, I was just trying to look away. Soon I realised that I had to give up.
So as always, I ended up on my bed, wiping off tears and consoling myself that I had to wait for just another 365 days! Doesn’t sound really convincing right?😧
A minute before the clock striked 12 on 22nd, I walked upto her with my hands on my head, tossed her a fruit and said that that was all I could manage.She gave me a naughty grin and said that she did not expect anything more.
So yeah, now I am only left to count my days in reverse and wait for her next birthday!😖