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Long time. Today I’m going to share something I wrote on my Instagram page. I’ve been thinking a lot about the future and I changed my plans of becoming a scientist and inventing human wings. That’s too much hardwork. I would rather do something fun like stand up comedy. I’m currently obssessed with EIC. And mostly I would change my mind again.

So this post is about how having the courage to lose is all it takes to win.

“I’ve lost. More times than you could imagine. But I’ve always made sure I got back up and kept moving. I may seem like a happy girl but that’s not what’s within me. I am a thousand broken pieces put together. But I don’t let that bother me. Because I have reached a point where failures have stopped hurting me. I’ve accepted them as a way of life. And the faster you take them into your life, the happier you would be.
I may not be perfect. But I’m proud that I don’t let my pain show in my life. That’s probably why they say, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. And now I’m not scared of losing. I’m, in a deeper sense, excited. So I can add one more  fall into my race. And when I complete it, I would be on the victory stand, looking into the eyes of those who were counting my falls.”

So all of who have fallen, you have to get up and win. Atleast to prove to those who think you can’t.

I don’t want to end this on a serious note so I’ll share an incident that happened with me recently. I was playing with my brother (a 2 year old nuisance). I was teaching him how a dog barks.

Okay, so I have this dog obssessed neighbour who owns four of them. While I was playing with my brother, he threw away whatever he was doing and ran to my house. Panting, he rang the bell. What he asked me next, left my mouth dry. My face lost its colour.

“Did you buy a new dog? I heard it barking.” The excitement on his face against the embarrassment on mine.

Me: A dog? What dog?

He: The dog that was barking now.

Me: That was not a dog. That was…umm anyway NOT a dog.

He: Okay sorry. I just love dogs. *face reddens*

Me: *smiles and quickly shuts the door*

And since then, my neighbour’s dogs have taught my brother to bark. A silly thought crossed my head after all this. He needn’t learn to bark only to end up having embarrassing incidents like this.




So today I’m going to reveal something very close to my heart. I’m a teenage girl. And I too had my first crush. But no, it wasn’t any handsome guy; it was unfortunately someone I could never get.

It was Percy Jackson. I liked the thought of falling in love with a fictious character. If you’re a reader and that’s never happened to you, hey, choose better books or just let your stone heart melt for once. They can’t cheat on you. They’re unattainable and upto your imagination to be created. And they’re made by your ideal thoughts so they would be perfect. But then, I realised he was already too much in demand.

And again since I built him on my imagination, I knew the “my version” would only be mine. (It’s more like Percy would be there for the world. But The Percy would only exist for me.)
Okay now I’m focused on keeping my posts small, that helps my stats. So keep reading until my next post.

PS: When you read, let yourself in the book. Then probably even you would end up falling for Percy😂


There are some rare things. Say like climbing Mt. Everest (if you have read that post), walking on the moon and being the President of America(let’s not go deeper into that or I would never end this post). But in my life rare things start with me blogging on time. Hey guys. Today history has been created!!

Just as there are rare things, everybody looks forward to something in life. My looking forward stuff is simple. Nothing huge like becoming the CEO of Apple or manufacturing human wings (exception alert😂). I look forward to Saturday nights when I get a bowl of Maggi for dinner. Hah nothing beats that feeling!!! Go on, I give you all the authority to stop reading right away. I know how annoying this may seem.

When these people actually banned that, I was lost in grief and desperation. I took up Yippee for healing the void. Okay blah blah. How many of you out there are Maggi lovers?

Anyway just as there are rare things, things which people look forward to, there are also the things called deadlines. Now I gotta go and watch TV before I miss my favorite show (favorite show talks sometime else). So byeee.

Petty Little Incident (part 2)

Sorry sorry sorry. Over 2 months and not a single post. I’m this really irregular, moody and lazy girl. So you can quite well curse yourself for following my blog. Many people have asked me how to follow (yeah they did!!) So here-

1) Type the URL from a computer/laptop. There would be a follow option where you have to give your email address and yay, you will get a mail each time I post something. So you don’t have to keep checking.

2) But if you are a blogger on WordPress, I’m sure you know about the follow option.

And another important thing, check out my poetry page on Instagram @through_sharpsntrebles 

Now that’s done. So let me proceed with my “Petty Little Incident 2”!!

It was a few years back when all my cousins and I reunited for some family function. If you have a bunch of brothers and sisters, especially cousins, you would know how insane things are together.

That day all elders were caught up in their work and we were bored. We suddenly got this naughty idea. We sneaked out of the house, grabbed Monopoly, tore open the box and grabbed all the money inside. Or was it Business? I don’t have the sharpest memory in the world, so kick that out. We raced to the terrace and hid behind the railings at the edge.

The sun sparkled  in our eyes. We chose a note, neatly folded it so that Gandhi could be seen and gently slid it down the roof. Instantly we got a response. A man with a heavy beard and bulky body picked it up and quietly walked away. We so expected that.

We did it again, this time hoping to see some honesty in world. But nevertheless, this guy in a cycle stopped, looked around nervously, dropped his pen on purpose and picked both in the blink of an eye. We stood staring in awe. People are selfish beyond doubt. We laughed our hearts out, thinking about how they would react on knowing they had been fooled.

This incident just sparked up when I was wondering what I should write about. The best thing about such pranks is standing at a distance and judging people(And laughing at their idiocy). Oh and, pondering later over these memories. If you don’t have anything to remember and smile about, I would just give you one advice. LIVE.

The Immortal Wounds

Click. Trapped. Wounded. And then they realise it’s often too late. (Here’s a poem written by me.)

The shouts died out;
The tired souls wailed to be free.
Trapped beyond a forgotten doubt,
For eternity, and the lost glee.

The eyes bore into the Dense,
They drowned deep and deep.
Then realised it was time hence
Humans had been long asleep!



Barbie stabbed Batman?

I’m back. I was bored and I couldn’t find a good book to read, so I ended up reading all my blog posts! And then I decided to write a random post. It’s fun being random. You are not restricted to any topic and you can go around talking about anything that pops into your head. And Barbie stabbing Batman? That would be the dream of every girl, and then there would be the time when boys would start sticking Barbie posters across their walls. But that seems to be as far as the stars! People these days need to get creative.
Anyway right now I’m thinking about my life through the 14 years.( First I was an infant and then I grew up and now finally, I became what I am!)
Alright, it’s perfectly fine to say nonsense. I remembered something!! I have a brother who is 2 years old. (No, I didn’t forget about my brother, I remembered what I am going to say now.) He is witty and fun. He started learning to express himself, and when he wanted to use numbers and didn’t know them, he often said,”One, one more, one more”- which would be his 3!(He reminded me how to add, like anybody had allowed me to get that out of my life!😒) And then there was this time when he learnt about trains and planes.  To make him feed, I had to turn and curve and direct the “plane” into his mouth. And then he would not eat the food unless it came racing as a “train”😂. That’s how learning could be harmful. Okay, new topic alert. Anyone wants to know my favorite place? (Even if no one does, I’m saying) And it looks like even the uninterested are still reading. So, I like bathrooms; long mirrors where I stand for hours and sing my heart out, under showers, where I dance and jump(The tiles would never crack; if you have evil thoughts) and of course it’s the perfect place to get the privacy of doing all mad things. When Mom gets mad at me for anything, I sneak into the bathroom and sit there until she forgets about being angry at me.
Sometimes, when I’m really bored and I get all philosophical and serious, those times I try to find some science in the ticking of the clock and relive my “dreams” of being a scientist. I got so determined once (I remembered how useless my life was) that I started trying random experiments and observing every minute detail. In fact that helped me come back to my senses. I remembered I was too hungry, threw everything away and forgot about my big-big dreams.
When I was a small kid, filled with innocence, I decided my life😏. I decided I was going to invent wings for humans. I named it ‘Fluffy’, I remember, but I don’t know what was with me and that name. And then I drew animated pictures of those too. I wrote in blocks ‘MATERIALS REQUIRED’ and under that wrote a long list-paper, cloth, scissors, battery, spring (All the interesting things I knew then, whatever I felt was related to science😂)
And NO LAUGHING. I have all the liberty to embrace my innocence. I used to sneak into our garden then, and used to feast on the mud and ants. I realise I have more RANDOM things to write than anything. Sorry, if it got boring. And it’s good to get random. If you had the patience to read so far, hold on, and check out my Instagram page, I just started, on poetry- @through_sharpsntrebles
And stop there in your busy lives to remember those moments which are more valuable than any of those things you might be doing. Okay now I have to go and see if Barbie made any success in murdering Batman, so till my next post, bye!!


Hello guys! Today I decided to forget about global issues and general topics, I decided to write about myself; the feelings within me that urge to burst out, about the day when I realised that a loser should be prouder than a winner.

I don’t write diaries (I did try to, but eventually I ended up being lazy and guilty). So I really wanted to write about this little incident that happened with me. And I’m extremely honest on my blog, more than I’m in reality. So everything written here actually happened.

In school, we had elections for the student council for which I stood with high hopes and then boom…everything seemed meaningless when I was told I lost.
I thought of talking to a friend who I knew could help me. It was easier for me to tell him because I had never met him and we shared common interests. This is how our conversation went-

Me: I’m depressed for some reason. And it’s been a rough day. And I wanna get out of this. Help!
Friend: I’ll help, what’s the reason you are depressed for?
Me: It’s embarrassing, do I really have to say?
Friend: Okay! No problem but how will I give you an advice?
Me: I don’t know, general stuff? (I was so desperate for some motivation that I started looking up quotes online)
Friend: I am probably the most general stuff.
Me: Ah fine. I tell you. You don’t get to judge me though. So I lost council elections in school and it’s weird to make things seem fine? My friends and their hopes mattered more though. You may not know the feeling and really, I don’t know how to go about it.
Friend: Well I lost two elections for head boy, but won the third one!
Me: It’s amazing that you had the courage to stand up the third time. But I don’t.
Friend: Only because the last two elections helped me improve myself. You should never feel ashamed of standing up. Try to stand up again, that time people would accept you with greater respect.
Me: What about all those people who lose hope on you?
Friend: Don’t worry about them. If one leaves you, there are two who come to hold your hand, always.
Me: Were you sad when you lost?
Friend: No, I was happy for my friends who won. And courage comes when you do something, it’s totally intangible. I mean to say never fear of what others think! Never, never, never!!

And then I realised I was proud to lose and to have friends like him. I got to know that I shouldn’t be ashamed. I should look into the eyes of failure with greatfulness and remember that I moved a step closer to being a winner!

Dolls and Bangles

I Deserve My Chance

It remains only a wish
Snapped threads, my lost fate.
I desperately crave to be nurtured with a kiss,
Love is for me an eternal wait!

I pray to witness the unique joy,
But a chance is given to me not.
Everybody differentiates between a girl and a boy,
For how long have we fought!

At least let me out of the womb
And challenge the pleasure I bring you.
Give me a chance to make the flowers of love bloom.
No, I am not your curse, please respect me too!

Maneka Gandhi, Women and Child Development Minister, announced that 2000 girls are killed in India everyday.
The children’s rights group CRY has estimated that of 12 million females born yearly in India 1 million die in their first year.

Female infanticide has been standing as a barrier for the nation to progress. The dowry system is a burden under which parents decide to abort their girl child.

I feel shameful when I look through the newspapers. I feel handcuffed and small. Raping has become a game. Girls are looked at with wrong intentions. In fact throughout history women have been suffering. It raises a sole question in my mind.
What is the difference between men and us?

This was a poem to all those brave ones who sacrificed their lives for women and those who  faced the crippling powers of discrimination and taught us a lesson. And to remind everyone we cherish our womanhood. We are proud to be us.


Summers bring to my mind images of beaches and cricket games. And endless ice cream buckets. But monsoons, on the contrary, are serene and quiet. They are all about sitting by the window with a novel and a cup of steaming hot chocolate. And lazing around in the cozy weather.
For me, it had always been the excitement of holding my new umbrella and jumping in the water puddles with my polished school shoes. Everyone enjoyed monsoons differently. My grandmother would sit on her rocking chair, knitting a sweater, and remembering her childhood in the rains. And my parents would go for a walk, maybe, to recollect on all the memories they shared. Of love. Of rain.
In Kerala, the monsoons usually stay around for close to a few months. It rains cats and dogs. I remember then, when I found thundering more exciting, learning to make paper boats and laughing with ecstasy on seeing it cut through its tiny storm.  And feeling the rain.
When I was around six, we had an activity at school where they made us dance in the rain. I can never forget how beautiful that looked. We jumped and hopped around the little puddles and when it began to rain heavier, we quietly crawled into the umbrellas. That sight of hundreds of umbrellas and thousands of smiles…those memories can never be washed away with rain. And with the ticking of the clock.
Few of the most gorgeous things about monsoons are the sky covered in gray clouds, the freshness in the air after the rains, the pitter-patter of the rain drops and the fragrance of earth wafting through the cool air. Petrichor. Not to be missed. After the boiling months of summers, a walk in the rain is just what the doctor ordered!

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