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Barbie stabbed Batman?

I’m back. I was bored and I couldn’t find a good book to read, so I ended up reading all my blog posts! And then I decided to write a random post. It’s fun being random. You are not restricted to any topic and you can go around talking about anything that pops into your head. And Barbie stabbing Batman? That would be the dream of every girl, and then there would be the time when boys would start sticking Barbie posters across their walls. But that seems to be as far as the stars! People these days need to get creative.
Anyway right now I’m thinking about my life through the 14 years.( First I was an infant and then I grew up and now finally, I became what I am!)
Alright, it’s perfectly fine to say nonsense. I remembered something!! I have a brother who is 2 years old. (No, I didn’t forget about my brother, I remembered what I am going to say now.) He is witty and fun. He started learning to express himself, and when he wanted to use numbers and didn’t know them, he often said,”One, one more, one more”- which would be his 3!(He reminded me how to add, like anybody had allowed me to get that out of my life!😒) And then there was this time when he learnt about trains and planes.  To make him feed, I had to turn and curve and direct the “plane” into his mouth. And then he would not eat the food unless it came racing as a “train”😂. That’s how learning could be harmful. Okay, new topic alert. Anyone wants to know my favorite place? (Even if no one does, I’m saying) And it looks like even the uninterested are still reading. So, I like bathrooms; long mirrors where I stand for hours and sing my heart out, under showers, where I dance and jump and of course it’s the perfect place to get the privacy of doing all mad things. When Mom gets mad at me for anything, I sneak into the bathroom and sit there until she forgets about being angry.
And NO LAUGHING. I have all the liberty to embrace my innocence. I used to sneak into our garden then, and used to feast on the mud and ants. I realise I have more RANDOM things to write than anything.
And stop there in your busy lives to remember those moments which are more valuable than any of those things you might be doing. Okay now I have to go and see if Barbie made any success in murdering Batman, so till my next post, bye!!


Summers bring to my mind images of beaches and cricket games. And endless ice cream buckets. But monsoons, on the contrary, are serene and quiet. They are all about sitting by the window with a novel and a cup of steaming hot chocolate. And lazing around in the cozy weather.
For me, it had always been the excitement of holding my new umbrella and jumping in the water puddles with my polished school shoes. Everyone enjoyed monsoons differently. My grandmother would sit on her rocking chair, knitting a sweater, and remembering her childhood in the rains. And my parents would go for a walk, maybe, to recollect on all the memories they shared. Of love. Of rain.
In Kerala, the monsoons usually stay around for close to a few months. It rains cats and dogs. I remember then, when I found thundering more exciting, learning to make paper boats and laughing with ecstasy on seeing it cut through its tiny storm.  And feeling the rain.
When I was around six, we had an activity at school where they made us dance in the rain. I can never forget how beautiful that looked. We jumped and hopped around the little puddles and when it began to rain heavier, we quietly crawled into the umbrellas. That sight of hundreds of umbrellas and thousands of smiles…those memories can never be washed away with rain. And with the ticking of the clock.
Few of the most gorgeous things about monsoons are the sky covered in gray clouds, the freshness in the air after the rains, the pitter-patter of the rain drops and the fragrance of earth wafting through the cool air. Petrichor. Not to be missed. After the boiling months of summers, a walk in the rain is just what the doctor ordered!

A Tint Of Masala

When I started my blog, I was committed on updating my posts weekly. But here I am now, one post in a month. I’m extremely sorry about that. I couldn’t resist myself from getting distracted during vacations. Who doesn’t feel lazy and tired? (Tired, that’s just some exaggeration. I don’t think sleeping the whole day sounds very tiring. Or lazily tossing channels on the television.)

So today, to cover up for all my late posts, I bring something new from the chefs of South India…their fingerlicking delicacies! (This is getting really dramatic😛)

Recently I was walking across a food market, trying immensely hard to suppress my urge of jumping into a restaurant and having a luxurious meal. Mom’s angry face stopped me from committing the indiscretion. But through a series of helpless circumstances, I ended up home with a full tummy.

Everything was perfect. I knew I had to ignore the shops filled all around the market. I kept walking. And then I saw it…it looked so delicious…something entirely new! I raced for the sole empty table and forgot about Mom….

It was paniyaram. Ever heard of it?

Masala Paniyarams are spiced dumplings made from left over idli batter. Paniyarams can be made plain, spiced or sweet. They are crisp from out and soft from within. They are widely chosen for breakfasts in South India.

Okay, I found that description from Internet. So I’m sure you would like to hear the one I invented.😂

The easiest medicine to a happy day is a bite into the crunchy soft paniyarams. And forgetting about Moms.😜 (Well, no offence)

And I got an incredible idea to promote South Indian dishes. I know, I’m bad at advertising but take it as my failed attempt. So now I leave you for hunting paniyarams. *Eat at your own risk. Injurious for the health conscious minds.* Happy eating 😊.

2015-11-04 20.16.32
I tried cooking. If you must be wondering whether I burnt them or ended up having them uncooked, you’re not always right. It was quite good. Though not as good as those….



A Walk Through the Land of Deserts

“Is this a speed breaker or a back breaker?” We laughed as we raced on cycles across the narrow dusty lanes of a village in Rajasthan; in the midst of dunes and barren lands.
Rajasthan was a golden memory; laughing by the tiny hundreds of temples built  around and between the women in sarees, holding water pots.

And my experience would have been incomplete without the fun I had with my cousins. The little fights and the sweet moments, they are engraved in our memories forever. The races we had up and down Aravali hills and our combination of tea and ice cream😂. I know, disgusting. Nothing could challenge the joy in standing under the scorching sun and having pani puri competitions in roadside stalls.
Sometimes it’s better to eat food cooked on cow dung until your stomach groans. That can be best enjoyed in the local dhabas of villages.

Huge cows and camels walk through the heat and sands of the state. Pigs are little irritating creatures. They live inside the drains and feed on the excreta of other animals. I had cute images of pigs in pink in my mind until I actually saw one. All I can blame for that is my girly childhood toy.

The state sparks with the pride of being home to thousands of peacocks. Their beauty and elegance narrate the stories of the state’s past. History is always cherished. 

And such lovely experiences shouldn’t be missed in life. The liveliness of jaipur in contrast with the solemn village life. I hope I get another chance to walk through the desert under the stinging sun. Sometimes it’s more fun to do things out of the usual.

The Essence Of Hope

The city of Chennai, engulfed by continuous rains, suffers its worst climate in a century. People are stranded in the waters, left at the mercy of God. It will take the city a long time to get back to their normal lives.

And here I am going to share about this one person who inspired me to face the difficulty instead of crouching in the shadows. The floods took everything from him. The courage with which he accepted his challenges amused me.

Man: My house has drowned under water and I am sitting on the terrace with my family. My cars have submerged under the torrents. We are waiting for NDRF to rescue us.

Speaker: Sorry to hear about your loss. The news shows a strange Chennai, one that I have never seen through my life.

Man: Search the news…if you can see my Audi A6 floating away somewhere.

Speaker: Oh dear, I really care about the A6 😈

Man: Though my house is completely destroyed, I am happy that I still have my family, a clean underwear and my sense of humour.

Speaker: Now that is a way of looking at things😊

Man: If I think of my loss, I would go under depression…A greater one than what Chennai is facing.

Now that is a person who managed to crawl out from the world of tears; a person who managed tears in my eyes. Tears out of respect. Respect, more than anyone can imagine.

There is still hope. A ray of light piercing through the darkness of their lives. There is always a second chance to start again. All over again 😏

Find Yourself In a New World…

Have you ever wondered meeting yourself from a parallel world?
One of the most challenging questions since quantum theory was invented is how we can get an interference pattern when a single photon is passed through Young’s double split experiment.
In the 1950s, Hugh Everett came up with an absurd idea that lived among physicists. He believed that new worlds are created everytime a quantum particle faces a choice. Who can stomach the notion that just looking at heavens forces a new universe into existence?
Strange as it seems, it actually offers a reasonable solution to the strangeness of the quantum world.
I came across a wonderful book “The Big Questions” written by Michael Brooks and this an extract from it-” In Everett’s many worlds interpretation, the electron doesn’t form a superposition state when faced with a choice of two slits, but splits the world into two. In one world, it goes through the left slit. In the other world, it goes through the right hand one. Though we have no consciousness of the different worlds, quantum particles such as electrons feel their influence from across the divide. The pattern we see results from interference between electrons in different worlds. In this view, what we think of as reality is just one of an infinite number of realities, each one slightly different from the next. And each one will contain a version of you…. Not that you two could ever meet. When a new universe pinches off, contact is lost forever. You are trapped in your own space and time; your twin is in a separate and unreachable sphere.”

But let us pray that science reaches a level so high that we can find ourselves and solve the mysteries revolving around us.

Just Another Birthday😩

I woke up happy and bright on 1st October, my mind cluttered with blurry ideas. That was normal. My sister’s birthday was just twenty two days ahead and this year I was firm on giving her a surprise party.
I picked up enough courage and asked her some random questions. I wandered around and finally asked her to choose her friends, those who she would have invited if she were to host a party. She gave me a long list of names and I am surprised I survived through that!😮 She then fired on me a question I wasn’t really prepared for. She asked me why I wanted to know all of that. I tried to suppress my urge to tell her but honesty took over me and I blurted out that it was October once again. She giggled and said that it was just another year of my stories!😂

I took that as a challenge…I lived through endless weeks of planning,sleepless nights and a lot of swinging up and down. The truth was always in front of my eyes, I was just trying to look away. Soon I realised that I had to give up.
So as always, I ended up on my bed, wiping off tears and consoling myself that I had to wait for just another 365 days! Doesn’t sound really convincing right?😧
A minute before the clock striked 12 on 22nd, I walked upto her with my hands on my head, tossed her a fruit and said that that was all I could manage.She gave me a naughty grin and said that she did not expect anything more.
So yeah, now I am only left to count my days in reverse and wait for her next birthday!😖

Formality V/S Informality

Well wondering how I am on time? It is because I had a lovely experience which I really wanted to share!

So well, I went to my friend’s house the other day and she forced me to have some biscuits. I wasn’t all that hungry and refused to take them. But she was strong on her decision and tossed me a packet of biscuits and placed a bottle of water before me. I looked away.

I frowned and said that this was formality. She shook her head and replied, “Formality is bringing a plate and serving the biscuits in them!” I laughed. Her words were so light and simple but they stayed on my mind and I kept them thinking about them.

So then I knew that friendship was all about finding the formality in informality. So is life. It is all about finding the positives and overlooking one’s negatives. You must be wondering why I am so obsessed about perspectives…I don’t know. But change your perspective and the world becomes a new place!

Also please feel free to give me your feedback on my blog! I would love to improve it!

My Petty-Little Incident

This incident took place just this Monday. I came back home from school and threw my bag in a corner of the room, jumped on the bed and enjoyed the cozy afternoon. Everything was good until my peace was disrupted by the ringing of my phone. I jumped up and clicked on the call. An eager voice told me that I had to meet for a practice for our school’s project at one of our houses. I told her that I had to go for my piano lessons and asked her to shift the timings. That didn’t work, unfortunately, and I had to exit the plan. Then I received the call of another friend and I told her that I had an appointment for a  haircut that day and so I wouldn’t attend the practice.

I was sitting in the parlor getting my hair-cut when I got a call. It went like this…

Me: Hey!

Friend: Hey, where are you right now?

Me: I am getting my haircut, I told you right.

Friend: Do you know the practice was cancelled because you didn’t come?

Me: Why? Everything was perfect!

Friend: I told them I can’t come because you weren’t coming.

Me: Crazy! It’s all because of you!

Friend: By the way, what happened to your Piano Classes?

Me: Piano classes (oh, oh)…oh yeah, I have piano classes also!*

Friend: Hmmm, okay bye!

Me: Huh? Bye

The next thing I knew was that the phone was on the speaker and…oh god! Everybody was there for the practice and quarreling on why I didn’t show up. Few of them said that I had piano and the others said that I had to go for a haircut. So they called me (I really had no clue the phone was on the speaker and I kept blabbering some nonsense!) and just kept laughing, laughing and laughing! Yeah, poor me!

*I had piano classes as well, I really did

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